Why MBBS in Russia



Why MBBS in Russia   ? 

Russia has become a popular study abroad destination of higher studies. The total cost for the MBBS course in Russia is approxRs 12-15 lakh inclusive of course fees, accommodation, travel and medical insurance.

Missed that medical seat just because you were a couple of percentage points short from the cut off mark? Don’t despair. Another opportunity awaits you in Russia.

Many good colleges have come in Russia, especially in the field of Medicine, Engineering, Literature and the Arts.

Russia, with the highest literacy rate in the world (99.6%), has become increasingly popular as a destination of higher studies amongst international students due to its global standards of education (with European equivalence) and affordable costs.

The last 15-20 years have seen a surge in the number of international students coming to the Russian Federation. Thousands of Indian students graduate from the more popular Russian universities every year.


The eligibility for admission for the medical course as per the rules of the Medical Council of India is 50 per cent aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, Biology at the Class XII higher secondary (10+2) level for the general category.

The requirement for reserved category students is 40 per cent.


The fees for the MBBS course in the Russian Federation would cost you approximately the same as what it would here in India. However, the important difference is – There is no system of capitations fees / donations in Russia.

Due to this, the total cost for the MBBS course (known internationally as M.D. Physician) in Russia come to approximately Rs 12-15 lakh inclusive of course fees, accommodation, travel and medical insurance.

Degree recognition

As per the rules of the Medical Council of India, an Indian student wishing to pursue MBBS abroad has to collect an ‘Eligibility Certificate’ from the Medical Council of India and must complete his MBBS course only from a university that is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UNESCO.
If the student wishes to return and practice in India, they are required to pass a qualifying test known as a screening test. This rule is universally applicable to all students, regardless of the country from where the student completes his or her medical course.

An additional bonus for students completing their MBBS from Russia is that if they wish to settle and practice in any European country, they are eligible to do so without giving any entrance exam / screening test.

The Russian Federation is a signatory of the ‘Bologna Convention’ for Equivalence of Education. This means that your degree received in Russia has unquestionable recognition in all European nations and is equal in value to a degree received in any other nation of the European Union.

Your degree is also eligible for USMLE registration in the USA, PLAB registration in the UK and registration with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) in Australia.



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