Who We Are?

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Over the last 30 years, World Education Centre has been a leader in providing Indian students with access to MBBS programmes overseas. The team is often made up of a blend of excellent, successful individuals who are skilled, resourceful, and driven to turn your idea into a well-lived reality. With an estimated experience of more than three decades, we have seen the effective translation of more than 15,000 ambitions into reality.


How Can We Assist You In Achieving Your Objective?

Our objective is to give you comprehensive facts regarding study habits and educational standards at the best Russian universities. We excel at assisting students in locating the programmes and colleges that are most compatible with their interests and professional aspirations. Our medical entrance counselling services are created to give prospective medical students a personalised experience.

Our team of counsellors and administrative personnel is well-equipped to not only recognise and analyse your needs and offer answers, but also to continue to support you throughout all the steps till the student graduates.

Why Are We The Ideal Partner For Your MBBS in Abroad?

The two characteristics of our work—experience and transparency—make us exceptional and the top choice among Indian students looking to study MBBS in Abroad. Up until they get at their destination, we work diligently to support and facilitate the students at each and every stage.

Additionally, the students are able to travel and connect with us because to our widespread national presence, which opens up more chances for them.


Our Vision

Our ambition at World Education Centre is to fully realise our one and only goal of making your dreams and aspirations into your truth and reality.

to reach out to the aspiring students and offer them all the assistance and support they need to realise their goals.
to raise awareness of the educational possibilities offered by an MBBS abroad.
to support and satiate the needs and demands of the MBBS students who are studying overseas.